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For 60 years the Zema Zselics invests in cutting-edge technology, which allowed the development of CNC Cylindrical grinding machines, to meet the several needs of the industry segment.


Over the years, Zema developed grinding machines for various applications such as: polygonal profiles, crankshafts, camshafts, constant velocity joint, injection nozzle, rolling-mill rolls among other, applying conventional or CBN grinding wheels. All  grinding machines series have hydrostatic support technology applied in the longitudinal and transverse slideways, it that allows obtain high productivity and quality, coupled with the best overall cost/effective. The continuous investment in engineering, enable customization of grinding machines to meet the needs of each client, ensuring high production with flexibility through quick set-up.


The Grinding machine series of Zema also meets the demand of small-and medium-sized business, keeping the same level of technology and quality that already include of the industrial plants of the great companies of Brazil and around world.








+55 (11) 4397-6000 - PABX

+55 (11) 4153-9645 - Machine Sales

+55 (11) 4397-6004 - Customer Services

+55 (11) 4397-6006 - Flexifer Tooling Division

Estrada do Capivari, 741 – Capivari – Riacho Grande – S.B.Campo – SP – Brazil – Zip Code: 09838-900

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